Road trip to Sarajevo DAY 3

  • Day 3

    The plan for today was to get up around 9am, eat the breakfast, go to the Barčaršija, buy some “souvenirs” and leave for home, but it wasn't really like that. 

    In the morning I had muscle fibre due to glories victory from the previous day and I had problem getting out of the bed. On Barčaršija, Bucalović bought the “đžezva”, I tried to bargain my chees table for 30% off but with no success, “you aren't in the middle east” I was told by a men from a coffee shop. We bought some typical local food (baklava, burek) and left Sarajevo.

    Well we tried to do it, it wasn't so easy, since our driver Banović M. had some orientation problems (he likes to drive in a circle). Some gipsy kid on the street that came to us looked like it was his, but he denied any correlation with him (we are still doubting).

    Marko Banovic and his "son"

    On our way home, we had a stop to eat, so we ate all the food we bought for our dears (well almost all).In Croatia, 10 min after I took over the steering wheel we had to stop.

    The car broke down! Luckily, there was a towing service, so we continued our trip, driving with no hands on the steering wheel, relaxed in our seats, as is appropriate for kings. It was a great adventure, and we can’t wait to be invited to another one, so feel free to call us! smiley